Data-driven marketing isn't scary. It shows you the money!

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Your customers don't go online; they live there. And it yields a lot of data.

Every single one of us has a digital footprint... The content you're consuming profiles you... We build an archetype of who you are...

Linah Maigurira, Head of Retail Business - Google (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

Data-driven marketing is shattering sale-destroying myths

Women are into skincare. Men are into sports. Really? That's not what the data says.

Over 60% of sport goods shoppers are women...

Linah Maigurira, Head of Retail Business - Google (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

Your customer's digital footprint can help you understand who she is, and show you how to market to her effectively.

When someone visits your website, they're bringing their archetype with them...You can even tell if they're looking for a job, you really can... Just go into the 'interest' category of Google Analytics – it will show you the money!

Linah Maigurira, Head of Retail Business - Google (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

A pattern is emerging all around the world. Advertisers who are successful in data-driven marketing are seeing revenue increases and cost savings.

Google knows

Google can see if you are about to get married, or about to have a baby. It can see if you're about to buy a house, or if you've just bought one. It knows that you have a pet and that it's a dog.

That is available to you, today!

Linah Maigurira, Head of Retail Business - Google (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

Your customer – whether she shops on her phone or instore – expects you to surface your products online.

She wants to go to the mall knowing everything about the product, and that it is there.

Any business today – e-commerce or physical - can target its customer based on her behaviour online.

...We know her, where she lives, what size she is...

Amanda Herson, Cape Union Mart (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

The end-game is that you start targeting segments then sub-segments then, ultimately, one-to-one… We call it the ‘single customer view’… We are constantly endeavouring to store as many unique fields of data against a user as possible… Right now there’s a survey on Superbalist. It’s got about 45 000 respondents in the last 30 days…

Luke Jedeikin, co-CEO - Superbalist (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

...Merging data sources from the bank and retailer... drives a real tangible outcome...

John Crabb, Strive IQ (speaking at an "Absa Insights" event)

[Watch] Google’s Linah Maigurira explains in detail how accessible – and powerful – data-driven marketing has become.